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Marketing Agency

Marketing Strategy

Having a strategy and a plan is essential in Marketing, and specially Digital Marketing. We provide a Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy to provide consistency, a certain level of quality and most of all give you an idea and overview of what are we going to do, and guide you and your team through it.

Video Production


Videos are everywhere. But to stand out from the crowd and produce a breathtaking video takes talent and high-quality equipment. With Marketing Bab we are using the latest and the greatest Cameras and Lenses for Outstanding Video Production and Videography.



The Photo is the first thing your future client or customer sees. Providing a high quality, clean and professional photos is NOT an easy task. While others provide average photos that serve it purpose. We provide the BEST imaging quality and style. Marketing Bab is using the highly detailed cameras and the newest and most expensive lenses and lighting on our studios, to deliver the outstanding photo your business looking for.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are now used more than ever, and we have to tap into it by attracting your future clients and interested customers with developing appealing pages and accounts for each platform, to serve each demography and provide you with a wider range of audiences you can target while keeping your current and future clients interested and up to date.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gaining traffic and attraction was never an easy task, and the cost of Ads and Advertising is increasing day by day. That's why SEO or Search Engine Optimization might be your best bet. Getting traffic from Search Engines is the foundation of a good website. With Marketing Bab you can catch all of your competitor traffic with ease.

Web Development

Web Development

Websites, websites and more websites. They all might look the same, but under the hood you will find the REAL differences. Marketing Bab provide you with unmatched customer support and technical support for your website, tutorials and a wide set of tools and plugins to transform your clients and customers from visitors to buyers.

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